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Our agents are our partners in delivering an excellent student experience at Apex. Agents facilitate student recruitment and enrolment, assist with the providing student support, and collaborate with us to meet and exceed the needs of the Australian employment market and education industry.

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APEX Australia continues to build strong business relationships with student service providers and education consultants across the world. For our agents, we provide flexible packages with competitive commission rates and comprehensive support services including in-person visits (in Australia and internationally), video-conferencing, and regular email and phone contact.

If you would like to become an authorised student recruitment agency for APEX Australia, please follow our simple 3-Step Agent Application process below and complete the relevant forms. If you have any questions contact us at (02) 8007 6262 or marketing@apexaustralia.edu.au

3-Step Agent Application Process


Fill out the Apex Agent Application Form with the supporting documentation listed. Email the completed form to marketing@apexaustralia.edu.au. Details are listed on Page 1 of the form.


The Apex Marketing Manager will then contact you to verify information, obtain further documentation if required and/or discuss the terms of the Agent Agreement, including commission rates and promotions.


If your application is successful the Apex Marketing Manager will prepare an Agent Agreement and email it to your office. Sign the Agent Agreement and send it back to Apex. The Apex Marketing Manager will then provide an induction for the agent/agency.

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